Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Found Me

Something I wrote. :)

I breathe in, with a frozen sigh,
A biting chill aches to my core
Scintillating clouds claim the sky,
Locked in an eternal and distant war.

Tinged with blue, my lips part,
Chanting a name, just like a prayer -
Pulling the sound up from my heart.
Letting it linger in the deathly air.

Then- I - but it can't be right-
But- I- can somehow see-
A shape emerging from swirling white,
And I know it's coming for me.

It reaches out and brushes my skin-
A burn starts spreading from my palm,
Like a day deciding to begin-
My heart and head start to calm.

Rising slowly, I see those eyes,
Looking at me, smiling, caring-
I smile too, just from surprise-
My mind filled with hope- and daring-


The killing cold finally wanes,
Yet snow still covers all that's around.
Warmth is spreading through my veins,
Finally, finally! -I've been found.


Life is pretty wonderful right now for me. It's amazing... Feeling needed or wanted by others makes you feel alive. I've always felt like a caterpillar. And caterpillars always isolate themselves in cocoons - but if you find someone to break the cocoon, you find out, you're a butterfly.

Whatever I am, I'm happy.


What is this blog going to be? I could say I'm going to write incredibly witty, clever posts that make everyone laugh, and soon the entire internet world will be bookmarking this site just so they can check back and snicker at it. I could explain that this is a place for my incredibly sophisticated metaphysical wondering, which will cause readers to think about their place in the universe, and lead to world peace. I could even say it's my diary.

But it's none of these things. I just want it to be a place where I can write things, and no one will hear them. It's the putting ideas out where they can be seen, and coming back to them later and going, "I wrote that."

This is, simply, my purple crayon.