Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Found Me

Something I wrote. :)

I breathe in, with a frozen sigh,
A biting chill aches to my core
Scintillating clouds claim the sky,
Locked in an eternal and distant war.

Tinged with blue, my lips part,
Chanting a name, just like a prayer -
Pulling the sound up from my heart.
Letting it linger in the deathly air.

Then- I - but it can't be right-
But- I- can somehow see-
A shape emerging from swirling white,
And I know it's coming for me.

It reaches out and brushes my skin-
A burn starts spreading from my palm,
Like a day deciding to begin-
My heart and head start to calm.

Rising slowly, I see those eyes,
Looking at me, smiling, caring-
I smile too, just from surprise-
My mind filled with hope- and daring-


The killing cold finally wanes,
Yet snow still covers all that's around.
Warmth is spreading through my veins,
Finally, finally! -I've been found.


Life is pretty wonderful right now for me. It's amazing... Feeling needed or wanted by others makes you feel alive. I've always felt like a caterpillar. And caterpillars always isolate themselves in cocoons - but if you find someone to break the cocoon, you find out, you're a butterfly.

Whatever I am, I'm happy.